What do you live for?

Girl Untitled urges you to make the most of your life, whatever that means for you personally.  Too often we are so focused on our day-to-day tasks and drama that we forget there is so much more to life than these trivial worries.  The goal of this blog is to inspire you to find or remember those things that make life more meaningful to you and actively pursue them.

Make time to snuggle under blankets and read, actually plan and save for the vacation you’ve dreamed of, try out that craft or hobby you’ve always been curious about, spend time with your loved ones, start that book or blog you’ve always said you’d get around to–Whatever it is that excites you and makes you happy to be alive, DO IT.

There is no educational degree in finding your life’s meaning.  There is no career that pays you to feel alive.  There is no system that demands you reach a personal goal each year the way you must pay taxes or bills.  This aspect of your life is entirely up to you.

What change is your soul craving?  Who is it that you feel you truly are but aren’t being? Make those changes.  Be that person.  It’s all up to you.

What to Expect From This Blog

This blog will evolve as I myself evolve.  The name “Girl Untitled” was chosen because each moment of life has its own title, a different curious pursuit, a unique purpose.  As I grow and learn in my own journey, I will offer up my musings and insight to hopefully inspire you on your own.

Regardless of whatever personal ventures my soul is diving into, I can promise you that these values will be the core focus of my posts:

Make time for what you love.

Nourish your body.

Try new things.

Follow your curiosity.

Learn for the sake of learning.

Be in awe of the world.


Make goals & live deliberately.

Be your own best friend.

Take care of your mental health.

Consider other perspectives.

Practice balance in all aspects of life.

Needing something else?  I welcome suggestions for new blog topics with open arms.  I love writing prompts. 🙂


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